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  • Oxfords: An Educational Adventure

    When I started Marc Nelson Denim I wanted to not only make clothing, I wanted to make something that when you saw it and wore it you kne...

  • Marc's Favorite Sneaker: Jack Percell's

    Jack Purcell may be my favorite shoe in the world. I make a lot of things but never have I attempted to make a sneaker. I've thought ab...

  • The Love Collection

         Chef Tim Love is a man with a refined taste, not only in the culinary arts, but in style. When Marcus first met Tim, he knew right a...

  • How to Take Care of your Denim

    This blog was originally posted May 23, 2014 and has since been edited and updated. There are a lot of misconceptions about how to take c...

  • Whiskey Stained Collection

    Whiskey Stained Denim Collection -  The rich color of Bourbon Whiskey....amber, gold, brown and all shades in between.  It evokes the ima...


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