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The New Selvedge Denim and why Candiani is key!

As you know, we have a new selvedge denim jean, but what you don't know is the struggle I had when deciding on a Mill to use for this run of Selvage denim, I really had a struggle.

I have had a long relationship with Cone Mills, an originally North Carolina based mill and producers of the denim used in our Andy jeans. Now they no longer produce in the United States, I don't feel like I have an obligation to support them, so I started to look elsewhere.

I love Japanese denim Mills and how they respect the process as if it were an art. The making of denim is absolutely an art, by the way, but our last run was Japanese. 

So after reading the story of the Candiani Family and how they started with one loom in their home and now growing to the international level. I had a need to not only use their product but I also had to write about it. As I researched, I found that I could relate and appreciate the shared struggle of starting a business and making a product from the heart. So I want to introduce you to the Candiani Family and their amazing denim.

This family-owned mill has been situated a short drive outside of Milan, Italy since 1938. Over 4 generations the Candiani Mill has pioneered, but not invented, stretch denim and continues to trailblaze in the industry by recycling 100% of their used materials. 

 When designing the new Marc Nelson Denim jean, I chose the SL7070 fabric. Its 10.5 oz in weight, dark indigo, with an off white weft and Ticker. That gives it a toned-down iridescent look and feel.I used the Marc, slim, cut because it's what I wear. And yes, dammit, that's selfish! But I had to have them! 

 Just being honest, I haven't worn a pair of raw selvage in over a year. Yes, I am old and transformed into an almost always stretch kinda guy, but I put on our new style a week ago and have worn them almost every day since. They look amazing and I can wear them with a blazer and loafer or cuffed with sneakers and a tee. So, Candiani and its unique story and fabric have bought me back from Stretch Island to the raw side. So, check out their video if you have time, it's a great story and remember we only made 30 pairs of this run of Candiani raw denim jean because we want you to get something special.

I hope you love yours as much as I do mine, and until next time, continued blessings and Stay Blue. Indigo Blue.


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