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Marc's Favorite Sneaker: Jack Percell's

Jack Purcell may be my favorite shoe in the world.

I make a lot of things but never have I attempted to make a sneaker. I've thought about it but can't seem to bring myself to do so.
I ask myself why? Here's the answer.

I Love Jack Purcell's. I have so many amazing memories wearing every pair I've owned.  I was first introduced to the brand through a friend and mentor that I always admired and was by far the best-dressed man I knew.

Let's just say his name was Don. He mentioned, "Man that outfit would look great with a pair of Jack Purcell's". I said, "Yes, it would" and pretended like I knew what the Hell he was talking about. After that,  I immediately ran to the store and bought my first pair. 

I absolutely wore the sole off of them. You see These are not Chuck Taylor's.

These are Freaking Jack Purcell's.

Even when they are hanging by a shoestring, pun intended, they can be paired with anything. You can wear them with jeans or shorts, and Tee or if you're in a hurry to get to the door just plain old tighty whities.

What I'm saying is they go with anything!

I spilled bleach on a pair of  Navy Blue Jack's and they still look amazing. They Just have more Character.

My favorite pair of white Jack Purcell's were purchased in NYC shopping in SOHO with a Friend and drinking a Margarita. I should have known this pair would become a dear friend. We've been through airports, Chased my youngest daughter for miles and the last Pride weekend finally did them in. All I remember is there was lots of mud and even more booze.

A year later and I must say farewell, to my two soul friends. There is not enough Bleach or soap to make this right. Thanks for the memories and maybe I'll see you in that old shoebox in the sky. Love always.

But the show must go on, so out with the Old and in with the new baby!!!

Jack Purcell's if ever I make a sneaker I would only hope that they will be a close second. 

Marc Hall


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    Leather or canvas?

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