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Oxfords: An Educational Adventure

When I started Marc Nelson Denim I wanted to not only make clothing, I wanted to make something that when you saw it and wore it you knew it was special.
We started with limited-edition jeans per wash and added details like the Pintuck and a special compartment in both back pockets. From there we started to customize jeans, to give our clients the option to pick the fabric, the stitch color, and the button type.
After Losing our Oxford manufacturer, the New England Shirt Company, to a freeze and flood that permanently shut their doors 3 years ago; I was not able to find a worthy replacement.
Trying more than a dozen manufacturers, and coming up with nothing but a sub-par product. We ran into fit issues and blah fabric quality, resulting in a product we were not willing to represent.
I had lost hope in being able to give my clients a much needed Oxford, an integral part of a man's closet. Until last year, when I came across GMF965.
While at the Chicago Men's show, I ran across this Gem of a company through the corner of my eye. I saw a rack of WOW!!!! The colors and textures I've been dreaming of since our American manufacturer closed down. I took a closer look and noticed all the little details: contrasting placket options, loops to hang your shirt, and amazing buttons. 
I had to pick this line up, so I could share its amazingness. Although, I try to keep my product American made, my priority is to offer my clients the best. 
Every now and then I find a company that mirrors our demeanor and GMF965, an Italian company, does! Its the best I've seen in years. 
Please come in and take a look at our selection or we will be happy to send you photos. 
Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the GMF965 Oxford!


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