Find your best fit: the MARC vs. the Nelson

A Collection of Lifestyle Writings by Marc Nelson Co.
Find your best fit: the MARC vs. the Nelson
When I was in the process of creating the first prototypes for the Marc Nelson
denim brand in 2011, there were three fits, Slim Boot, Straight and Skinny. I wanted to transition my guys from a relaxed fit to a more modern fit.
At the time, I was working out of LA, and my team insisted that I make a skinny jean. Well, I still have a  few pairs of those skinny jeans left, ten years later.  
After trial and error while trying to finding who I am as a brand and understanding that my guy is a Proud Southerner, Dad, and a professional man, like myself. Who wants to look good but doesn't want to look like his kid?
That being said, after wearing the Bootcut, and yes, I wear cowboy boots, I found that the slim boot was excellent, but what if I didn't want to wear boots with the jeans? I wanted a pair of jeans that would still look good with a casual or dress shoe that wasn't a boot. This is how the Nelson was born.
A pair of jeans that you can wear boots with that is not oversized and baggy. But if a guy has an athletic build would still be comfortable. The more mature guys generally go for this fit; Therefore, I named it after my Great Grandfather Mr. Nelson.
The Marc was a product of wanting a slimmer jean that wasn't skinny. The skinny was a bit too tight for me, and Nelson was a bit too traditional when I tried to peacock. If you don't know what peacocking means, It's showing off.  
So when I wanted to peacock, I needed a jean that would hug my legs just right but, more importantly, taper at the bottom of the leg to show off my badass shoes!!!!! So I made the Marc. Be sure to get this right now. The Marc is no way a skinny jean. It's a slim jean that tapers at the calf and leg opening for the grown man who wants to live on the edge but not over the side.
I'm a Marc kind of guy, Which are you, my friend?

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