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The Classic White T-Shirt: A Necessity in any man's closet!

Being a denim guy, there are a few essentials one must-have.
Great boots, Cowboy or Red WIng, Sneakers, Nike, Chuck Taylor's or Jack Purcell's and without a doubt you must have a classic white T-shirt. 
V-neck or crew, You must have a white tee if you're a denim guy.
Remember The Fonz, James Dean, and Marlon Brando. How cool were they?          
But now, with just the change from Boot to loafer, you can go from tough guy to executive. You can throw a Blazer over top and even go Country clubbing.
There is not much you can't do with a great white Tee. So after solidifying our denim collection, we knew we had to come up with the perfect white Tee.
The Marc Nelson Tee is California made, great fitting and super soft.  We made sure the V was just deep enough for our guy, not making it too casual, but not so high that it chokes you.
We make two weights: One for Summer and one for Fall.  The summer make is lighter to keep cool, and our Fall is a perfect weight that's just heavy enough.
For our summer crewneck, we use a smaller ribbing for the neck area, and for Fall, we beef it up to help fight off Jack Frost. 
I could wear a white Tee shirt just about every day. 
As a matter of fact, I must have at least 20 white T-shirts in my closet, and I'm thinking of adding one more.
Hope you enjoy it, and I'll see you in your white Tee.


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