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The Love Collection

     Chef Tim Love is a man with a refined taste, not only in the culinary arts, but in style. When Marcus first met Tim, he knew right away he wanted to collaborate on making something special. At first, we didn't know quite what we wanted to make. Which items captured the essence of both men's minds?

     So we do like we often do at Marc Nelson Denim: we threw a party. We tried on clothes and drank bourbon and talked. Not a bad day's work. What came out of that meeting was the desire to harness the badassery of the Texas spirit and the suave coolness of Marcus's demeanor. Ladies and Gentlemen, that's The Love Collection.

    The Suede Trucker Jacket is a man's coat. We wanted to make a coat at home on the range, on a motorcycle, or at someone's favorite nightly haunt. It needed to pair well with anything ranging from a tank top (not advised!) to a dress shirt. We also wanted it to send a message when worn in a crowd: this man isn't trying to stand out, but be remembered. The leather was handpicked from someone we trust here in the USA. The fit is as slick as anything Marlon Brando or James Dean wore in the fifties, but with a slightly tapered body for a modern silhouette. 

     But the reality is that it's not always cold enough for a jacket. You're too busy kicking ass at work to always check the weather, and when you pick out your outfit in the morning you don't want to have to shed a crucial layer after lunch. We've all seen it: guys who look sharp at 9:00 and by 2:00 they look like a staid business worker. Enter the Denim Quilted Vest. This vest is the perfect layer companion for seasons where the weather changes rapidly. You'll notice the canvas piping and melton go a long way in dressing up a henley, while dressing down a fancy shirt. This is on purpose. We don't want you to forget your roots while you're in a meeting: you're not just a CEO, you're a man from a long line of men who have tended the soil and worked for their rewards.

     And our Slim Boot Jean is keeping in line with this ethos of frontier man and modern businessmen. The cut hugs your thighs, while having a long enough rise to give necessary freedom of movement. The opening flares out at the hem to fall perfectly over your boots without billowing like a bell-bottom. We made some cool V-Neck shirts to pair with the jeans, or to wear by themselves. Don't think we skimped on this item either though, it's made from organic cotton and is one of the softest things you'll ever put against your skin. To round out the collection we put together bandanas with wild west imagery and a weekender bag that can fit enough outfits for any trip. 

     What we sought to create with The Love Collection was clothing that could be worn virtually anywhere and not look out of place. To that end, I want to give you guys a couple of ideas on styling these pieces (without being too prescriptive). 

     1) Don't be afraid to mix business clothes with these pieces. The way you achieve an effortless look is by owning your own pieces—however you put them together. As strange as it sounds, if you put the jacket on with slacks and sandals and you own it, that is, you don't feel the need to defend your style choice, then people will be attracted to you. That's the heart of charisma: taking risks and owning them.

     2) Try mixing the jacket and jeans with a smart sneaker, rather than with boots for a completely different look. The choice of quality footwear can so alter an outfit we are considering writing an entire piece about the same outfit paired with different shoes. Style your hair to match your shoes. If you're wearing a dressy shoes, use product in your hair, or whatever. If tennis shoes, leave it wild.





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