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How to Take Care of your Denim

This blog was originally posted May 23, 2014 and has since been edited and updated.

There are a lot of misconceptions about how to take care of designer jeans. Many think they can treat them like regular clothing—wash them after a few wears and throw them in the dryer. That's the protocol for practically any other type of clothing.

However, the beauty of denim is that it looks better the more it’s worn. That means not washing them all the time, which can ruin a quality pair of jeans. Washing and drying raw denim can make them shrink inches until the jeans are no longer wearable. After all, denim is made out of cotton, which can only take so much heat before it starts to thin out.

Jeans look better as they are worn because they marble and conform to the body. Even the natural oils form your skin condition the cotton to make it softer. No dryer sheets necessary for that softness! Take a look at this pair that were worn 367 days straight.

Raw denim jeans is best cared for when it is left unwashed

Some may think that rarely washing your jeans is disgusting. Although it is better to freeze your denim to remove unwanted odors, it is also acceptable to wash them in cold water on occasion and hang dry them if completely necessary.

For more information on how to care for raw denim, check out the Marc Nelson Denim care guide.