Marc Nelson Denim

Suede Trucker Jacket

$ 350.00

Whether you’re riding a longhorn on a chilly afternoon, or drinking in a saloon in Fort Worth, the limited edition Suede Trucker Jacket is a companion you won’t want to leave behind. The leather is handpicked by a man who knows his cowhide, and the fifties inspired cut is fitted with old school copper donut hole buttons. Lined with nylon and sewn to last, this jacket shapes to its owner over time and tells the story of a man with a Texas spirit, a true individual. Although it recalls the brazen cowboys that built Texas with sweat and long nights, this jacket has been built from sleeve to collar with the modern man in mind. Only thirty of these jackets will be available: order yours now!


Care:  Dry Clean only.  

Fabric: 100% 2.5g tobacco cow suede